Dark Circles Under the Eye – Get a Clue As to What to Do!

Are you suffering from bags and dark circles under the eye, and don’t have a clue as to what to do about these problems? You are not alone, and things are only made worse for you by the cosmetic companies, that want to sell you formulas that are ineffective in taking care of these issues. It seems as though these companies really don’t try very hard to come up with a solution for you, doesn’t it?The truth is that the majority of the cosmetic companies in fact don’t put much effect into trying to develop a formula that will allow you to be successful. The ingredients that they used to make their formulas are typically very low in quality, and it isn’t that there are not all natural, effective ingredients available. These corporations simply try to get by using the lowest priced compounds that they can get their hands on.The collagen and elastin that typically grace the various formulas for treating the bags and dark circles under the eye fall into this category. These tissues are taken from dead livestock, and can be bovine, poultry, or swine tissue. Since there is so much available commercial livestock from which to obtain collagen and elastin, these tissues don’t cost the cosmetic companies very much to use in their products.The unfortunate thing about these compounds is that they won’t work to eliminate your lines and wrinkles, and return firmness and elasticity to the skin. These compounds are simply too dense for your skin to be able to absorb them, and this is not simply due to the fact that they come from animals and not humans. Human collagen and elastin would also be many times too particle dense for the skin to be able to soak them up.Luckily for you, there is a company that takes the effectiveness of their serum to reduce bags and dark circles under the eye seriously. They have developed a formula that includes an enzyme laced protein complex fusion called Cynergy TK, and a specially developed nano-emulsified version of coenzyme q10 known as Nano-Lipobelle H EQ10. This pair of ingredients will provoke a dramatic elevation in collagen and elastin production in the skin.This company is equally serious in obtaining an answer to the formation of the discoloration and puffiness underneath your eyes. These problems are due to a combination of thinning skin, fragile capillaries, blood leakage, poor circulation, no avenue to remove accumulated hemoglobin, and inadequate fluid drainage. There is a pair of protein peptide chains that will take care of all of these issues.Eyeliss and Haloxyl are the answer to your prayers when it comes to the reduction of bags and dark circles under the eye. Eyeliss will eliminate skin slackening, dramatically improve firmness and elasticity, enhance fluid drainage, and bolster the capillary system. Haloxyl will thicken the paper thin skin underneath the eye, boost fluid drainage, and improve circulation to the region.Believe me when I say, this formula featuring Cynergy TK, Nano-Lipobelle, Eyeliss, and Haloxyl is the perfect answer to bags and dark circles under the eye.You can learn more insights by visiting my web site and discovering more natural ingredients I personally use daily.

Brand Yourself to a New Job

If you’re in the job market and apply for a position, what’ll make you stand out from the crowd? Did you ever consider differentiating yourself through branding, just like companies do?Branding is not new: livestock owners have used branding – and red-hot irons — for centuries to identify stray livestock easily. Corporations have ditched the irons but kept the concept, differentiating their products to attract customers.The best branding identifies a quality that appeals to people’s emotions. For example, Mentos® sells a mint-flavored candy that has ingredients similar to competitors. If the company were to brand its product as “mint-flavored candies,” where do you think it’d be today? Non-existent, likely! Instead, the company tags its products with a memorable slogan that emphasizes a benefit people can relate to: “The Freshmaker.” It’s not merely candy anymore.There are thousands of similar examples of companies that have used branding to differentiate themselves, especially in markets where real differences are not very greatSome examples:
Burger King®, whose “Have it Your Way®” slogan gives the impression that despite its fixed menu, customers can state their preferences, unlike arch-rival McDonald’s®;
Avis®, whose now legendary “We try harder®” slogan created instant customer affinity when it challenged the Hertz® “We’re #1”;
You can apply the same kind of branding to make an unforgettable impression of your own. To treat yourself like a brand, focus on YOU: identify the key characteristic that provides your “customer” – the prospective employer – with a reason to take a second look at you. What work do you do best? What do you have that others lack?Don’t think that flaunting your specialty is immodest: after all, when you think about the various things you know how to do well, nobody does them better than you.Winning examples of branding yourself to get the job:
A programmer who can find bugs and “fix” them quickly can be called “the bug zapper.” It may sound whimsical, but prospective employers will remember that programmer, because she differentiated herself.
What about the telemarketer whose melodious intonations keeps people on the phone can call himself “the million-dollar mouthpiece.”
And the technical writer, who could say: I can write user manuals within tight deadlines. But think how the employer will react if she proclaims: “I write with the speed of light” or “I get it deadline right.”
Case StudyMelinda was looking for a job as a marcom coordinator, after having worked in customer support. She realized that her excellent organizational experience was a compelling draw for her services. Melinda redid her resume, emphasizing this skill, and wrote a cover letter, saying: “I’m in the detail business.”She got the job.